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Program of my stay:


Beautiful sunset on Brooklin Bridge

Arrival at JFK airport at 19:00 local time. We are starting to feel a little jet lag because it is already getting a little late in France (already 1am). I joined the AirTrain, which makes it easy and economical to get to New York. This one goes around all the terminals. I was a little surprised not to find a terminal to buy a ticket but it happens to be normal because it is taken at the exit. So I met my host as soon as I arrived.

Good to know: Airtrain: the ticket is taken at the exit.

Day 2: Statue of Liberty – Ground Zero – Museum of September 11, 2001

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most popular attractions in NYC. So we decided to get up early so as not to wait in line for too long. We picked up our ticket and queued up at 9:00. Despite this, we still had to wait an hour before we could get on the boat to Liberty Island. It is therefore preferable to start this activity early. We took the Audioguide to be guided and to benefit from little anecdotes throughout the visit on Liberty Island. Different details are given on the history of the island and the statue. A little bit hungry, we let ourselves be tempted by a Hot Dog and a Pretzel but the prices are really not attractive on the boat.

This same ticket also entitles you to a visit to another island, Ellis Island, which is a significant part of your stay in NY. Indeed, it is through this island that all immigrants arriving in the United States passed through. A visit to the immigration museum is therefore a natural necessity. An audioguide is also included in the tour ticket. We thus discover the path that immigrants travelled at the time and the choice that led them to come to America.

For lunch, we wanted to try the Burger Shake Shack chain on Wall Street and then headed to the World Trade Center area to see Ground Zero and its surroundings.

Then comes the visit to the memorial on September 11, every moment of the disaster was traced and told in order not to forget how things went.

It is a place to do absolutely because it allows you to really immerse yourself in the high moment that now belongs to American history.

We then made a short jump to Wall Street to discover the fearless Taurus and Girl who were placed here illegally but are of real interest to tourists.

The evening meal consisted of a pizza and beer.

Tip: arrive early at the pier for Liberty Island.